SCM Mewsic Player

“Shared Community Music”

SCM Player Statistics

Total Users: 19,640

Active Players: 1,917

Private Songs: 7,978

Public Songs: 21,364

Total Songs: 29,342

Total Plays: 24,870,302

Last Public Upload:

LUNA KI - Toke Manga.

About the Player

♫ How it works ♫

The music player works by having all information stored onto an external server. This allows the player to be able to access the song information MUCH faster than reading from a notecard. All the SCM players communicate between my server and back. Song information, Song Plays, Song UUIDS, and more are stored on my server, then networked out to all the people who own it! (A.k.a wizzardry)

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Top 10 Popular Songs
  1. Hucci x Dom Sebastian - Vision 52,945 plays
  2. Dark Souls - Moonlight Butterfly 26,129 plays
  3. Gorillaz - Desole 18,902 plays
  4. Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic 18,415 plays
  5. Kllo - Walls to Build (Mall Grab Remix) 17,967 plays
  6. Kllo - Bolide 17,845 plays
  7. 30s - Stockholm Syndrome 17,785 plays
  8. Alina & Galimatias - Make You Feel (Cover Art) 17,613 plays
  9. Kucka - Honey (Medasin Remix) 17,449 plays
  10. The Internet - GIRL 1 17,431 plays

Public Song List

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