SCM Mewsic Player - Changelog Back

Update 19.9.14:

    Add Added a new feature to the queue system. A user CANNOT queue a song if it is already in the queue. Owners bypass this restriction.
    Add Added an info in the Text options to show your current color in HEX and LSL.
    Add Added a left and right animation for the player hold animations
              Attaching to left hand and right hand changes the animation respectively

    Change Changed the player mesh! Now there's a fancy little Sphere player!
              You can find the older players in the ~ Legacy Players ~ object.
    Change Changed how the settings menu displays your current settings.
    Change Changed the "Add to List" button to "Add" to shorten it.

    Fix Fixed repeat not working as intended or not working at all.
    Fix Fixed repeat being turned off when pressing the stop button
    Fix Fixed hover text flickering when playing.
    Fix Fixed settings not loading defaults properly, causing some objects to have no text, no volume, and just generally bugged.
    Fix Fixed special characters getting turned into question marks in reload. You can now use ♥'s and stuff!
    Fix Fixed the "Menus have been throttled" This was due to the API script. It has been removed. Needs more time in the oven it seems.
    Fix Fixed the "pause/continue" feature not showing the correct time in the scrubber when resuming a song.
    Fix Fixed the settings script to be more optimized and faster!
    Fix Removed old code from the menu system to make it faster and take up less memory.
    Fix Optimized scripts to use less memory.
    Fix Changed how the scripts communicate settings. Now the scripts only send the required information to the script that needs it.
Update 19.8.17:

    Add Added playlists! You can now attach the "~ SCM Editor ~" and edit/add playlists from there!
    Add Added a playlist editor!
    Add Added the option to switch to your playlists in the "Song List" settings menu
    Add Added the option to add a song to a specific playlist in the "Song Info" option.
    Add Made a new fancy little hud! The Uploader, Editer, Playlists, and notecard maker are now in one nice hud!
    Add Made yet another fancy hud for the player updater and update card. They're now in a single hud!
    Add The Notecard maker now deletes the sound files from the contents when it's done to help streamline the uploading process
    Add The song uploader deletes notecards from it's contents when it's finished uploading everything

    Change Changed the default attachment point for some items so you're not wearing them in your hand, you body builder :V NO MORE CURLS FOR YOU

    Fix Fixed the song uploader from bugging out on multiple uploads
    Fix Fixed the "Dialog Menus throttled" bug
    Fix Fixed the constant "Menu has timed out" message
    Fix Fixed the "Queued Songs" on the main menu not updating
    Fix The player is hard-coded to not play a song again until 100 others have been played, or it has played through the entire playlist. This feature was broken but is now in working order!

    Remove Removed the API script from the player, the script was giving people errors and it seems it needs more time in the oven
Update 19.3.12:

    Add Added the ability to use UTF-8 characters in the song names now! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Add Added a ranged repeater that only plays songs if you're inside it's hitbox

    Change Changed the default list on the player to the public list
    Change Changed how plays are recorded to be lighter on the server and be more accurate.

    Fix Fixed the NEW updater script from throwing errors. OLD ONE IS STILL BROKEN. UPDATE PLAYER MANUALLY
    Fix FIxed the set-text on the player from being set on all the links in a linkset when thrown into something else.
    Fix Optimized the player more and made it about 2x as fast when opening menus or contacting the server.
    Fix Fixed the "Song Info" button taking for ever due to the main menu being pulled up again before the song info menu showed, causing the script to sleep.
    Fix Optimized the back-end of the webserver to make everything work much faster and more secure :P
Update 19.3.12:

    More will be added to this later. I'm too lazy to fill the rest in or I've forgotten half of it xD

    Add Added the ability to turn the player tone on and off.
    Add Added more options to the chat category. Local Chat Only, Owner Chat Ownly, Both Owner & Local, All Chat Off
    Add The settings menu now shows your current settings on the front settings page.
    Add Added your current song list to the settings that get saved.
    Add Added the setting for the player tone to the settings that get saved.
    Add Added an API to interface with the player. Contact me if you wish to use this please!
    Add Added the setting to turn the API script on/off. Default is off. DOES NOT SAVE WITH SETTINGS.

    Change Shortened the timeline bar to make it look more clean.
    Change Dialog boxes now don't show the name of the object they're in, instead, it shows "~ SCM Mewsic Player ~"
    Change Made some Owner only messages show regardless of settings due to importance.

    Fix Fixed a bug where the dialog menu would say "Dialog Message more than 512 chars"
    Fix Fixed an issue where hitting skip to closely to the last time would cause a math error.
    Fix Fixed the repeater not stopping the music when the player was paused.
    Fix Fixed a HTTP THROTTLE error that would show up when changing songs sometimes.
    Fix Optimized the scripts again to use less CPU time and memory.
    Fix Made the player tone volume work off of the player volume.
    Fix Fixed the settings sometimes getting wiped on player reset.
    Fix Fixed the Song Editor going to page zero when using the back button on the first page.
    Fix Fixed the uploader giving the error "Notecard not found" when uploading sometimes.
    Fix Fixed the uploader saying "Name error" when uploading bulk songs. (hopefully)
    Fix Fixed the Updater box throwing the error "Cannot give no-transfer item to transfer item"
    Fix Fixed the first sound of a song being cut off by the tone sound.
    Fix Fixed the tone sound being cut off and disrupting the first sound of a song.
    Fix Fixed the player saying in local that autoplay's song was up next if the player managed to queue two songs from autoplay.
    Fix Fixed the player tagging "(random)" to the end of someone's name when a song was played by them in local using the random button.
    Fix Fixed the player saying "Picked By" in front of autoplay.
    Fix Changed the link in the documentation link on the main page so it goes to the proper website.
    Fix Fixed the update button in the settings not opening the settings menu after clicking.
Update 19.2.19:

    Add Added a "Favorite" and "Unfavorite" option to "Song Info" menu
    Add Added a "Like" button on the website to add something to your favorites.
    Add Added a favorites list. This list can be accessed in your "Settings > Song list > Favorites.
    Add Added a play/pause button to main menu. You can now pause the song you're listening to without having to clear your queue.
    Add Added a "preloader" script instead of using the "~ SCM Core ~" for preloading, making the menus MUCH faster.

    Remove Removed the "~ SCM Dancer ~" script since it wasn't ever used and was taking up resources.

    Fix Fixed autoplay sometimes not playing a song and just doing nothing.
    Fix Fixed the random button sometimes not working.
    Fix Fixed the repeaters not stopping their sounds when the player is stopped.
    Fix Fixed the "Hold Anim" script from causing errors if the player is rezzed.
Update 18.10.31:

    Add Added a new feature to the player where you can now play songs directly from the website!
    Change Made the uploader delete notecards from its contents once they've been uploaded.
    Change Disabled the song title warning for when uploading to private in the song uploader.
    Change Changed the memory allocation for the players to help prevent the "Stack-Heap" Collision error.
    Change tried to metagate issues with LL and their servers by making the player more robust and handle errors better.
    Add Added this changelog entry :V

    Also, happy Halloween everyone! Get your spooky on!
Update 18.9.17:

    Change Changed over the player to my new domain name and new server system! Should be able to handle a lot more load and be faster!
             - This is an important update, hence why I sent out an update with little to no changes.
    Change Changed all the reosurces for the notecards to point to my website!

    Fix Fixed the annoying "Would like to animate your avatar" nonsense when you rezzed out the player.
    Fix More script memory optimizations to keep this as speedy and optimized as possible!

    Add Wrote this dumb update notes :V
Update 18.8.21:

    Fix Fixed a bug with the "Core" script crashing for some reason.

    Add Added a new feature to control how the player works with nearby repeaters. See settings for more info.
    Add Added more debug info that is reported to the server when the player encounters an issue.
             - If you're curious about what I store on my database, click Here
    Fix Many more bug fixes.
Update 18.8.10:

    Add Added an Update card for those who irreversibly break their player :V
    Add Added new mesh for the "~ SCM Repeater ~"
    Fix Fixed that weird sound bug where the player UI sounds would keep playing for no reason at all. (Stupid SL sound system!)
    Change Made it to where the repeats now instantly stop their sounds when the player does.
    Fix Optimized the script memory to keep it super duper low.


    Change Changed how the player opens the menu.
              If you've put your player in another mesh that isn't the original player, it requires
              that you click the LINK the scripts are in. This is to prevent my scripts from
              interfering with other scripts inside objects they're put in.

    ~ !NEWS! ~

    New player mesh coming! :D
Update 18.7.31:

    Fix Fixed the menu timeout (for real this time)
    Change Changed the ON/OFF sounds of the player. (Thanks to cutemush for the sounds and giving me permission!)
    Change Changed the hover text style to be more thin and sleek.
    Add Added better song name control for the uploader.
    Change Made it a requirement that people format their song name like: Artist - song title.
    Add Added new HUD textures for the Song Editor and the Update Box
Update 18.7.30:

    Add Added a feature where you can now click your speaker repeater and it opens the menu of your player.
    Fix Fixed some minor bugs with the menu timeout.


    Add Added a SCM Updater Box!
              Check the "SCM Updater Box" notecard for more info.
Update 18.6.30:

    Change Changed the hold animation to look more life-like and look a lot better than the dinky one I made before :V
    Add Added a new white variant of the player for those who want change!
    Fix Fixed a bug where you could go to page 0 through the "Goto Page" function
    Fix Fixed a bug where trying to search something with a number at the start would cause it to try and play a song.
Update 18.6.20:

    Fix Fixed the menu timeout bug.
    Fix Fixed the page showing as blank when having only one song (hopefully)
    Add Added a new search style. Just click search, type in something and boom! The search option now returns a list of results! ♥
Update 18.5.16:

    Add Added the ability to change text color with HEX. Example: #0000ff
    Remove Removed some debugging code from the uploader.
    Fix Fixed an issue with the songs taking longer that usual to play.
    Fix Prepped some of the code for a future Update ;)
    Add Added some magic server code to remove the small little gaps in the sounds for more seamless playback! :D
    Fix Squashed some small bugs laying around. I don't wanna pick them up though, someone wanna come get them for me?

    Note: expect an Update soon to add a couple of features! I've been asked alot for some, and I'm gonna do it!
Update 18.4.9:
    Add Added some fancy new icons to the main menu to make it look spiffy! :D          
    Add Added a Repeat feature! Allows you to repeat the current song. NOTE: Skip does NOT change the song!!!!          
    Fix Future proofed the Song Editor to work with future updates.

    Fix Fixed an issue where songs with quotes wouldn't upload. Note: LSL sucks D:
Update: 18.3.17:
    How To use NC:
              I have written a whole documentation page about my player.
              The link can be found in the How To NC, or a link or the main menu of the player.

              I know, I know. The Google Drive link has been down!

              This is because Google scanned the EXE files and marked them as "insecure/unknown"
              since I CANT sign the exe files with a certificate.

    Fix           Fixed an issue where autoplay would sometimes just stop. (MAYBE)          
    Fix           Fixed more menu issues with the new menu "timeout" feature.          
    Fix           Fixed a bug where the main menu would still pop up if access was set to owner.          
    Change           Renamed a couple of buttons to make them actually make sense.          
    Fix           Fixed an issue where the player would throw a script error if the song uploader goofed the time. Also, if the song someone uploaded is missing the time of the sound clips, the player will now default to 10 seconds as a safety measure.

              Made it to where the uploader WILL NOT upload a song IF:
                       - A UUID is invalid.
                       - The time is not set on the first line.
                       - The time is less than or equal to 0.
                       - The time is greater than 60.
Update 18.2.10:

    Fix Fixed an issue where the menu would lock you out. (HOPEFULLY)
    Fix Fixed an issue where the menu would say " (blank) was kicked out of the menu"
    Add Added a "Times played" thingy to the "Song Info" button!
    Fix Some bug fixes here and there.

    Made a program to convert songs for you!
              Check the "~ How To Use ~" notecard for more info!
Update 18.2.10:

    Add You can now set the volume by number in the settings menu.
    Fix Fixed a bug where the auto-play feature would sometimes stop for no reason.
    Add Added some other useful code for server maintenance.
Update 18.2.9:

    Change Changed the way the menu works! Now, only one person can be using the menu at a time!
              New Features (ONLY THE LIST OF SONGS MENU):
                        - The menu can only be used by one person at a time.
                        - The menu times out after 30s
                        - The owner can take control of the menu at any time.

    Change Made major changes to the code to make it not script error as much "Stack-Heap collision"
    Add Added a "search" option to the Dances module.
    Add Added a "Goto Page" button on the main menu! :D

    Change Changed the random/auto-play feature to make it more random!
              The auto-play/random now wont play any songs that have been played before!
              It will go through your list of songs before repeating old songs or it will repeat old songs after 100
              song have been played.

    Thank you for using my mewsic player!!! ♥
Update 18.2.8:

    Fix Fixed a bug where clicking the random button caused a script error. (issue introduced from last update)
Update 18.2.7:

    Add Made the player automatically send you an Update when it's out! :D
Update 18.2.6:

    Fix Fixed the "Dialog box messages must be under 512 characters" Something like that.
    Change Changed the default text to "~ Mewsic Player ~"
    Fix Fixed the saving and loading of custom settings.
    Change Changed the text of the menus a bit.
    Add Added a loading bar to the uploader to show you the progress of the current song.
    Add Added better HTTP error reporting. (Not really important)

    Change Version numbers have changed! This to to help me keep track of current versions and such!
              Version numbers are like this:
              YEAR.MONTH.DAY I.e 18.2.6
Update: 3.8:

    Fix Optimized script time and memory.
    Fix Did a little fix-up to the dancer to make it actually show up reliably.
    Fix Bunch of bug fixes!
    Add Added "(random)" to someone's name when they picked a song using random.
    Fix The "Memory" feature in "Script Info" now accurately reflects script memory per script.
    Fix The "Update Settings" option actually works now.
    Add You can now copy the description of someone's player and put it in yours then go to "Update Settings" to get their colors/text/settings.
    Change Split the Menu script into a "Menu" and "Settings" script.
    Change Combined the "Core (Extension)" script into the Core script.


    There is now a TOS section in the "How To Use" notecard! PLEASE READ.

    Remove Maybe removed herobrine. O_O
Update: 3.7:

    Change Changed the looks of the time line to make it more spiffy!
    Add The time line now updates every second. It will actively reflect how much time is left in the song.
    Change Changed the way the pre-load system works. Now there should be less gaps in your music!
    Add Made the hover-text scroll the name of the song if it gets too long.
    Add Made it to where the hover-text will cut-off people's names if they're too long.
    Change Changed the hold script to where if the player is attached to anywhere that is NOT the left hand, it WONT play the hold animation.
    Add Made the "Blue-tooth mesh" version of the player change the colors or the end-caps with the text.
Update 3.6:

    Add Made the player work in no-script sims!
    Add Added an auto-play feature, check "~ How To Use ~" notecard for more info.
Update 3.5:

    Fix Fixed an issue with the stop button not working.
    Fix Fixed an issue with the uploader out-right not uploading some songs.
    Add Added and then removed herobrine.
Update: 3.4:

    Fix Couple bugs here and there that needed squashed.
Update 3.3:

    Add Added a "Song Info" button to view the uploader and whatnot.
    Change Made the "Song Info" note show up when clicking a song in the public list.
    Fix Fixed an issue with particles not stopping when a song has ended.
    Remove Removed herobrine.
Update 3.2:

    Add Added a song editor!
    Add Made it where you can look at a list of public songs!
              Just go to Settings > List Type > and select "all"
    Add Added a built-in dancer so you can jam out even harder!
Update 3.1:

    Change Changed the menus to more user-friendly!
    Add Added a search function! Yay!
    Add Added a random button! Yay for randomness!
    Fix Fixed some issues with the uploader skipping songs.
    Add Added a safety menu to the uploader so you don't accidentally click it when you're not ready.
    Fix Fixed an issue where the player would play the last sound file twice.
    Remove Removed herobrine.
Update 3.0:

    Change Split the script into three separate modules!
    Fix Menus are much faster!
    Fix Script time lowered
    Add Created some essential framework for later.
Update 2.3:

    Fix Fixed a bug with the repeater not working correctly with volume.
    Fix Fixed a bug where big songs didn't get loaded.
    Fix Optimized the script a bit more!
Update 2.2:

    Add Added support for extended speakers that sync with the player.
    Change Some minor changes to functionality (behind the scenes)
Update 2.1:

    Fix Optimized Script Memory Usage.
              Should prevent MOST Stack-Heap issues (script errors)
    Fix Songs should play quicker once picked
    Add Added support for future updates.

    Change Settings are now saved in the object's description!
              To copy settings from one version to the other, just copy the old
              description and paste it to the new object and reset the script! :D

    Add Added option to change text color with LSL code.
    Add Added option to disable local chat messaged.
    Add Added button ti view script info/reset script.

    And much more to come! Sorry for any inconveniences the last Update caused.
    Hopefully this one steamrolls the last of them!
Update 2.02:

    Add Added Text Options.
              Disable/Enable Time-line bar.
              Disable/Enable Text.
              Change color of text.

    Change Changed the queue system:
              Now when clicking "check queue" you are given the chance to remove
              individual songs from the queue.

    Change Changed the options menu:
              There are now back buttons in the sub-options.
              Clicking an option in the sub-options keeps you in that menu.

    Fix More optimizations for the script!

    Change Uploader changes:
              TRIED to eliminate duplicate songs "could still happen"
              Converted it to the new encryption system so it will work.


              Please delete the old uploader as it will no longer be supported.
              It will be deprecated on 11/07/2017 @ 12:00 AM SLT
Update 2.01:

    Change The player has been updated to use a modern form of encryption!
              This is for future features I have planned.


              Anything before version 2.01 will be deprecated! (Will no longer work!)
              This will be on 11/07/2017 @ 12:00 AM SLT
              Please Update your box!