SCM Mewsic Player Privacy Policy

Welcome to the most boring part of anything you’ve ever seen. The dreaded “Privacy Policy” Anyways, this is a requirement due to the new EU GDPR laws. Please read the information below carefully.

Since the Mewsic Player uses a remote server that I run, I HAVE to store information about your avatar in order to make it run smoothly.

Things that I store, include:

  • Avatar Keys
  • Display Name
  • Legacy Name
  • When you upload a song (private or not)
  • When you rename a song
  • When you delete a song
  • When you mark a song public/not public
  • When your player checks for an update. (On player attach or when triggered manually)
  • The UUIDS and name of your song(s)
  • When your player requests information for a song or search
    • Logging searches is mandatory for my database to keep track of the most searched items and to be able to return the most relevant songs

All of the above are saved and logged for good reasons. The name and key of your avatar are CRUCIAL as well as song names and their UUIDS. The other information is for debug purposes so I can diagnose when something goes wrong with another user’s player. Without this information, the player would simply be a Second Life paper weight :V

Also, due to the law “Right to be Forgotten” if you want your information and all of your songs removed from my system at any time. Please contact me in Second Life and I will remove your info from my database at any time. Thank you!

Now that you’ve read this. You can go ahead and use my player all you want! Thank you for using my player! I love you all!

By using my player, your agree to these terms.

P. S. EU GDPR is dumb :C